Who Actually Gets Injured While On The Job?

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Who Actually Gets Injured While On The Job?

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Who Actually Gets Injured While On The Job?

If you review loss statistics from insurance companies, it is easy to identify the top five types of worker’s compensation claims.  One of the leading worker’s compensation carriers provided the following statistics.  We looked at these numbers based on the total number of injuries, as we believe it is the best method of evaluation.  Past performance is a good predictor of the future, so it may be valuable for you to review these with your safety committee.

  1. Falls—including slips and falls on the same level, and falls from heights.
  2. Fleet accidents—with rear-end collisions and accidents in intersections topping the list.
  3. Overexertion—including injuries caused by awkward postures, repetition, lifting or carrying too much, reaching, bending, and twisting.
  4. Struck-by accidents—including being hit by mobile equipment, tools, moving parts, falling items from hoists, debris, or hitting an animal.
  5. Crime—occurring from internal or external sources, including fraud or theft of equipment, inventory, or intellectual property.

Risk Control Actions Will Help Reduce Accidents

  • Review each accident and remove the cause.
  • Use proper safety tools such as gloves, eyewear, etc.
  • Provide proper training.
  • Require personal protective equipment.

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