It Is Time For Homeowners To Prepare For Spring Risks

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April 7, 2017
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It Is Time For Homeowners To Prepare For Spring Risks

A Home Insurance Update

There are several common hazards faced by most homeowners, and we thought it might be good to review these.  Remember, your homeowner’s insurance needs to be reviewed annually by a licensed agent, so please call our office for a free review.

Water damage

In addition to hail, nearly twenty percent of claims due to wind or flood damage occur in spring.  In fact, seventeen percent of all water claims, which include things like sewer and drain damage, increase in the spring due to melting snow coupled with increased rain.  Furthermore, the number of backed up sewers is increasing at a rate of approximately three percent annually, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Roof Damage

Moss buildup and gutter damage is a leading cause of roof damage.  Have your roof and gutters inspected and cleaned annually.

Concrete Damage

Concrete damage around foundations can lead to insect damage and foundation settling issues.  Uneven concrete on your driveway can lead to water running toward your home, rather than away from it, as it should.

Landscape Issues

The harsh winter can cause trees and other plants to become unsafe and even fall on your home, or people, if not managed properly.  Inspect your landscaping in the early spring and cut or trim any damaged tree or bushes.

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