The Top Deadliest Colorado Driving Behaviors

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June 10, 2015
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The Top Deadliest Colorado Driving Behaviors


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) just published its list of deadliest driving behaviors. In 2014 over 32, 000 died in motor vehicle accidents.  The (NHTSA) also published some good news; that is there is a 25% reduction in fatalities over the past 10 years.

Each state offers slightly behavior. Click here to see our states results. These are the results of certain behaviors that lead to an accident. Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of auto accidents.

Deadliest Driving Accidents

  1. Failure to keep in proper lane
  2. Improper turn
  3. Failure to yield right of way
  4. Reckless driving

States With The Worst Records

  1. Careless Driving- Arkansas
  2. Road Rage- Indiana
  3. Failure to stay in lane- Wyoming
  4. Failure to yield- Mississippi

States With Worst Drunk Driving Per Capita

Perhaps these states have less access to taxi services, where urban areas people can get a cap home.

  • North Dakota
  • Montana
  • Wyoming

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