The Role of Brokers in Colorado Healthcare Reform

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October 17, 2013
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October 18, 2013
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The Role of Brokers in Colorado Healthcare Reform

Mountain Insurance Brokers is an independent agency. This means we don’t work for any one specific insurance company. We have access to many markets, giving us the ability to shop your account and search the market for the best option for you. Under Healthcare Reform you will still have choices and options. You are not required to use the healthcare exchanges, but if you, we can help you review options, and it does not cost you anymore. Individuals and businesses will still need advice and help to understand the options. You do not have to go through the exchanges!

We have the experience to help you navigate through the Healthcare Reform.

  1. We will be able to assist business clients either through an insurer-based pathway or directly through the exchange.
  2. Mountain Insurance Brokers can also enroll individuals through a State of Colorado facilitated or a partnership exchange.
  3. We will keep you informed of any updates through our social media, newsletter, and regular communication.
  4. There are many compliance issues and dates employers must comply with. We can make sure you make informed decisions.
  5. We can help you understand how Medicare interact with each other.
  6. Provide options for voluntary benefits to individuals and businesses.
  7. Create benefits strategies to deal with reform changes.
  8. Work directly with employers to structure medical packages.
  9. Mountain Insurance Bokers can also provide options for other kinds of insurance such as long term care and critical illness coverage.
  10. We will provide our clients with benefits education and communication tools that will help keep employees informed about healthcare costs and programs.

In light of healthcare reform, it will be more important than ever for employers and individuals to work consultatively with us to find solutions that meet your unique needs in this new era of health insurance.

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