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The Risks of Drone Ownership

More and more individuals are purchasing and using drones for number of reasons.  Even many children play with drones.  As the price of drones decrease, more people will be buying them. But with this new technology comes considerable risk. Drones are a quickly evolving technology, and the implications and regulations for owning one may change in the near future. Current sales of drones are running about $200,000 for 2015.

Personal Liability Issues with Drones

An unmanned drone aircraft flies over your back yard while you are having a party. One of your guests decides to throw a rock at it and causes the drone to fall to the ground. The owner shows up and wants to be paid for the damage to the drone. What is your liability?

Here are a few issues that have not yet been worked out through the courts:

  1. Who owns the airspace above your home?
  2. What constitutes an invasion of personal space?
  3. What are my privacy rights?

Insurance Concern

Most homeowner’s insurance excludes liability related to an aircraft of any kind. Some policies have a provision for hobby aircraft, but not drones. Drone owners should talk to their insurance agent to see if they have coverage and, if not; consider what coverage options might be available.

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