Identity Theft Update From DC Mountain-Insurance Brokers

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April 9, 2014
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April 23, 2014
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Identity Theft Update From DC Mountain-Insurance Brokers

DCInsurers-Mountain Insurance Brokers provides a wide range of Denver insurance products for businesses and homeowners. None seems to be more interesting that identity theft or cyber insurance. Your identity is one of your most important assists. Violation of your identity is frightening and can be costly, but most consumers tell themselves it cannot happen to them. No one is immune to identity theft. It’s the fastest growing crime in Colorado. Being a victim to identity theft not only tarnishes your good name, it can potentially ruin your credit, compromise your financial and medical history, and drain your assets.

Recent Headlines

  • Fired Gov’t Worker Charged With Accessing Info On 800 Day Care Providers
  • Cards Stolen in Target Breach Flood Underground Markets
  • Identity Theft Hits Everyone in Colorado At Some Point

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There are many things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft;

1.   Consider adding Identity Theft Insurance from to your Denver insurance policy.

2.   Create a PIN that is not too easy to crack, i.e. don’t use “(your name) or 123”

3.   Don’t give out your Social Security number to people you don’t know.

4.   Consider reducing the credit cards in your wallet. Only travel with what you need.

5.   Shred all financial statements before placing in trash.

6.   Check your credit report annually.

7.   Don’t put your birthday on your social media site.

8.   Be careful about opening links you find in emails, know the source.

9.   Destroy digital data.

10. Be diligent about checking statements. Review all transactions monthly.

Remember that just being aware of, and doing, these things can reduce the possibility of identity theft. As an independent insurance agency, we are affiliated with multiple industry-leading companies. It is these partnerships that allow us to provide our clients with better coverage at a competitive.

For over 17 years DCInsurers- Mountain insurance Brokers has been providing individuals, businesses and organizations in Denver with the highest quality Personal and Commercial Insurance products and services available.

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