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Denver HOA Insurance

Homeowners Associations have a need for proper insurance coverage. DCInsurers - Mountain specializes in Denver HOA Insurance. We understand how important your association is to you. Maintaining and managing a safe, sound, and secure community is a priority.

Denver Homeowners Associations often get caught between the tenants and other third parties. There is increased litigation holding all professionals to a higher standard. Denver Home Owners Associations who have an equity interest in the property have increased risks that often lead to conflict of interest claims.

Claims are filed even when you are in the right, and you will still have to defend yourself. Denver HOA insurance provided by DCInsurers - Mountain is there to help you manage your risk. Here are some unique insurance products that Denver HOA’s should consider:
  • Tenant Discrimination insurance – Denver HOA’s can be covered when current, prospective, or former tenants allege wrongful discrimination.
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance – Directors and Officers Insurance coverage protects the HOA against liability claims from a third party for financial losses resulting from failure of the HOA to perform duties.
  • Builders risk insurance – Many Denver HOA’s make the mistake of having the contractor purchase Builders Risk Insurance on their behalf. We recommend the HOA secure the coverage in their name. If you are involved in new construction or renovation, call DCInsurers Mountain Brokers today.
  • Denver HOA Umbrella Insurance – Provides additional Denver HOA Insurance over the primary policy. This can be an added benefit for larger associations.
Denver HOA’s have many exposures that can lead to lawsuits. Dealing with residents, employees, vendors, and regulatory authorities of both residential and commercial properties can, and does, lead to lawsuits. Things can go wrong, and the HOA or property manager is always the one in the middle of the problem.

DCInsurers - Mountain specializes in Denver HOA Insurance. We have assembled a team experienced in the real estate business to better serve HOA’s, landlords, developers, and property management firms.

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The Benefits of Working with DCInsurers - Mountain

We work with several major insurance companies so we can deliver the optimal rate based on your exposures. Your HOA’s success depends on your ability to balance income, expenses and any unfortunate events like a claim or loss that can greatly cost your firm.
  • We know and understand your industry.
  • We are a full service local independent insurance agency.
  • We have access to many insurance companies, not just one.

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