Denver Group Health Insurance

Denver Group Health Insurance

Are you interested in offering group health coverage as an employee benefit or thinking about upgrading your current group health plan? As business owners ourselves, we understand that having a great health insurance coverage not only helps businesses attract good employees, but helps to keep them as well.

As a stand-alone policy or part of a customized insurance package, DCInsurers - Mountain is proud to offer one of Denver’s widest ranges of comprehensive group health coverage.

All over the country employer-based health insurance accounts for around two-thirds of the population under the age of 65. While many people do choose to purchase personal health plans for themselves and their families, more people rely on benefits offered through their employer.

Because the costs are pooled with a group of employees, premiums are often lower, making them more affordable for employees and their families. As Denver’s leading independent insurance agency, we offer health insurance coverage from over a hundred providers. We offer HMO’s and PPO’s, and can help you determine the individual needs of your business.

Group insurance—because it works!

With the Affordable Health Care Act, purchasing group health insurance for employees may not seem that important, but it is one of the best ways that employers can ensure both their employees’ wellbeing and that of the company. The benefits to the employee are many: premiums are often more affordable, they have coverage there to help them recover if something happens, and they can still have their own insurance on the side. For employers who qualify, the government offers a tax credit to help offset the cost of these plans, and having good benefits can help companies lower turnaround rates.

Types of Plans We Offer

Our HMO plans offer employees a set network of care providers that are accessible whether inside Colorado or abroad. Another plan option we offer is a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. A PPO is a health plan that has contracts with a network of preferred providers from which employees can choose. There is more flexibility in a PPO versus an HMO; however, the premiums tend to be higher. This type of plan is an excellent option for employers who want to offer their employees the ability to choose where they will seek treatment and with whom. With a PPO, coverage extends even outside the network, although there may be additional fees. We have many different plans for employers to choose from, from some of the nation’s top insurance companies. Our Denver-based team can help you find the right one for your business needs. Another coverage that Denver employers might want to consider is prescription drug coverage. We offer drug coverage plans with both generic and brand name drug riders, which can make paying for prescription drug costs an easier pill to swallow. These plans can be further customized so each employee can choose the rider that best suits their needs. Health insurance covers prescription costs, doctor visits, hospital stays and more. Group health coverage can be purchased as either a stand alone policy or as part of an umbrella package, and is customizable. We carry many different group health insurance policies for any size of company. And, as a full service insurance agency in the Denver area, we can combine these with vision, dental and life coverage, saving you money by bundling coverages!

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