Denver Renters Insurance

Denver Renters Insurance

Your Denver renters insurance offers protection for your personal property and can also be a big help should you be sued or require to cover medical expenses for others on your property.

Wouldn’t my landlord’s insurance cover me as well?

It is highly unlikely for your landlord’s insurance to cover your personal property and serve as an alternative for renters insurance in Denver. When moving into a new apartment or condo, you may think that whatever happens, it’s not your responsibility as you do not own the unit.

However, what a rent arrangement actually means in terms of insurance is that the structural damage having to do with the actual space, such as hail damage to the roof or water damage to the hardwood floors or a bedbug infiltration may be covered, but your personal property is not.

It’s only through consulting with a professional Denver a renters insurance provider that you would be able to protect your furniture damaged by the leaking roof, your laptop that sat on the hardwood floor at the time of the pipe burst, or your favorite sofa during pest problems.

Why does renters insurance get ignored?

The well-known saying “out of sight – out of mind” illustrates very well the reasons why so many renters do not have renters insurance in Denver. You are not required by law to get it, and often the landlords may only skim through this issue when signing your lease (although some places are taking more steps to ensure that tenants obtain their personal property coverage). As insurance is that type of product that one always wishes one had bought only once an unfortunate situation arises, Denver renters insurance often falls by the wayside and stays there. Don’t let this happen to you. This is your best protection for property damage, theft and loss, as well as coverage for temporary housing and various types of lawsuits and claims made against you.

Do you have questions?

At DCInsurers - Mountain, we take pride in working individually with every customer to ensure that your needs are met in the most direct and cost-effective manner. Renters insurance in Denver is a product we strongly recommend to everyone interested in safeguarding their personal property and having an extra layer of the safety net should unfortunate events develop in regards to the property involved. If you are unsure if you need renters insurance, simply consider the following question: should you be unable to stay at your apartment or condo tonight due to structural damage, who will cover the costs of finding other accommodation? Another question: do you know what to do if someone files a lawsuit against you for an injury they got while in your apartment? These are basic questions that should point your thinking about Denver renters insurance in the right direction. For more information, get in touch with our expert team – we look forward to guiding you through this process.

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