Denver Condo Insurance

Denver Condo Insurance

Owning a condo unit is not the same as owning a house or renting an apartment, especially when it comes to insurance. On the one hand, a condominium owner does not need to have as much coverage as a home owner. On the other – the coverage should definitely be higher than that of a simple tenant.

How is condo insurance different from renters’ insurance?

The major difference between tenant insurance and condo insurance is in the fact that the latter includes not only personal property, but also liability. Personal possessions are important to safeguard, but when owning a condominium, one should also think about appliances, fixtures, and built-in furniture, as well as the unlucky situation where someone gets hurt while at your unit or their property gets damaged.

If you are unsure how to proceed with getting top quality Denver condo insurance, you have come to the right place – our experts are knowledgeable about all the details involved and would be happy to walk you through them.

Where should I start?

Your first step in thinking about Denver condo insurance would be looking at your condominium association’s master deed – what does it say about your responsibilities as a condo owner? What does the condo association’s insurance include? Where do the limits of their responsibility lie, i.e. where does your unit begin? Take a close look at the condo association’s policy to find out, so that you know what you need to cover. Another piece to the puzzle you should pay particular attention is whether some sort of coverage already exists that would protect you against other owners around you that would not bother to obtain good coverage, putting others at risk.

What to look for in a condo insurance package

Your particular Denver condo insurance would depend on a number of factors, such as the value of property that you would like to insure, the limits at which your unit starts (for example, if the windows or garage door are included in your unit or the condo association’s coverage), and whether such details as water damage are well thought through. Of course, the higher the value and the higher the level of protection – the greater the expense, but when you think about it long enough, the extra expense for added peace of mind is definitely worth it.

How is the DCInsurers - Mountain process different?

Our professionals will handle all of your questions about condo insurance in Denver efficiently and to your satisfaction. At DCInsurers - Mountain, we know and understand how important it for you to obtain the right type of insurance and the adequate level of coverage for your personal property and in the case of claims made against you. This is why we have a dedicated team working specifically on Denver condo insurance special policies, also known by their technical name HO-6. Contact us today to review your insurance needs.

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