Denver Business Owner’s Policy

Denver Business Owner's Policy

If you own a small to medium sized business in Denver, you probably already know how many risks and liabilities can leave you needing coverage. You want your business to be properly protected, but trying to protect yourself using all of the coverage options would be impossible, not to mention expensive.

Fortunately, with options like the Denver business owner’s policy, it’s also unnecessary. At DCInsurers - Mountain, we can help. We have knowledge and experience working with small to mid-size businesses, and we can help you choose the coverage options that will work best for your specific circumstances using business insurance options like the Denver business owners policy.

What is a business owner’s policy?

Our Denver business owners policy combines such business insurance necessities as general liability insurance, which covers commercial liability; property insurance, covering leased or owned physical assets, such as contents; and a combination of optional coverage features, like loss of business income or coverage of other expenses that result from covered loss, into a package policy that is specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses that are in lower risk classes. Businesses within this category can get access to a customizable policy that provides coverage over all the business’s needs and assets in one easy policy.

Which businesses qualify for the business owner’s policy?

A number of factors are used to determine whether or not a business is eligible for a Denver business owner’s policy. Some of these factors include the size and type of business, annual sales, and the number of employees. To find out if your business qualifies, contact us at DCInsurers - Mountain today.

Why is the business owner’s policy important?

The Denver business owner’s policy provides multiple insurance features in one joint policy. It is designed for businesses that don’t need a lot of extra insurance coverage specifically because of their smaller size and low risk potential. However, even within a low-risk industry there can be a potential for incidents. At DCInsurers - Mountain, our Denver business owner’s policy is dedicated to ensuring that you have the coverage you need when something does happen. The general liability portion of our policy package can protect you and your business from liability costs of defending such incidents as:
  • Accidents that cause bodily injury and/or property damage
  • Claims, such as libel and slander, against your business
  • False advertising
Our experienced brokers can help you to sort through your assets so you can make an informed decision about which additional features would suit your business best. Based on the specific needs of your business, you may wish to include:
  • Outdoor sign insurance
  • Money and securities insurance
  • Employee dishonesty insurance
  • Water back up insurance
  • And many more options that could be right for you.
Choosing the Denver business owner’s policy could be the cost-effective solution to your insurance needs that you’ve been looking for. At DCInsurers - Mountain, we are dedicated to making sure you and your business have all the protection you need when it comes to insurance, and we have the knowledge and experience that can help you sculpt the perfect package policy for all of your needs. For more information, or to get your business equipped with the best insurance in Denver,

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