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Small and large Denver area business owners work hard to start and grow a business, and to make their business successful in the marketplace. One needs to plan for the future to ensure success continues in the event of a death. Business Life Insurance is a vehicle to afford this success.

The annual premiums of life insurance are in many cases a small percentage of death benefits. Business life insurance benefits are available when they are needed, there is no waiting around for a loan approval. For the most part, business life insurance policy proceeds are federal income tax free. There are many different ways to use business life Insurance in your planning, this may include the following.

Business Succession/Continuation

At the event of an owner’s death, what will happen? Will the business need to be sold, and if so, to whom? Will the business need liquidity to move through the transition of ownership to surviving owners? Will your family and the remaining owners be able to work together in concert? Business life insurance in the form of buy-sell agreements acts to strengthen the liquidity of a business during the event of a death and allows for business continuation. Learn more

Key Man Life Insurance

Every Colorado business has a Key Man or a select group of Key Employees that are integral for the success of the business. Can your business afford the unexpected death of a key employee? Key Man Life Insurance is insurance that a business owns on its key people to protect the business against any financial loss occurring from their deaths. While your key man is alive, the life insurance policy can act to reinforce the credit of the business. This acts to allow for emergency cash in times of need. Upon the key man’s death, the policy will brace the finances of the business to allow for lines of credit or replacement costs. Learn more

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