Denver Business Insurance

Denver Business Insurance

DCInsurers - Mountain, knows how important it is to have the right kind and amount of insurance coverage for your business. We also know how challenging it can be to sort through the numerous different insurance options to find the right policy.

There are many different types of insurance, but only a handful of them are going to be suitable to your business’s needs. Here at DCInsurers - Mountain, our expert and professional independent insurance agents are dedicated to finding you the right coverage for all of your Denver business or commercial Insurance, needs.

What is Business Insurance?

Denver business insurance, also known as Denver commercial insurance, describes any insurance policy designed to protect businesses, owners, and employees from losses due to accidents, liability issues and more. There are multiple types of business Insurance, including, workers’ compensation insurance, property insurance and general liability insurance. The insurance needs of the business are dictated by the objectives and risk factors of that business. For instance, businesses employing manual labor, such as construction companies and factories, will require more coverage to protect against employee injuries and workplace accidents, while an advertising firm may require more protection against slander or instances of misrepresentation due to errors or omissions.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to the selection of business insurance; the process can be challenging and even confusing when it comes to creating a policy that provides adequate coverage for all the business’ risks and assets. At DCInsurers - Mountain, our network of experienced independent commercial insurance agents knows what to look for when it comes to analyzing the risk factors associated with your business. By working hard to find the most comprehensive policies to cover all of your business needs at the most competitive pricing available, we make the Denver business insurance selection process easy for you so you can focus on the growing success of your business.

What are some specific types of Denver Business Insurance?

There are several different types of Denver Business Insurance:
  • Property Insurance is separated into two categories, all-risk and peril-specific, to insure against lost income, business interruption, building and computer damage, company papers, and money loss. “Property insurance provides coverage of everything relating to the loss and damage of company property due to a wide variety of events, such as fire, smoke, wind and hail storms, civil disobedience and vandalism.”
  • Liability Insurance falls into three distinct categories, the type of which is be selected based on the business’ operations and associated risk factors:
  • General liability insurance, one of the most pervasive policies on the market, offers protection against expenses resulting from bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, and slander, as well as coverage for many legal concerns that are caused by accident, injury, claims of negligence, and more. This product can even be designed to cover the supplemental payments for attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses in association with a claim, or in defense of a liability suit.
  • Product liability insurance covers a company’s liability over the safety of the product it manufactures, wholesales, distributes, and retails; and
  • Professional liability insurance, otherwise known as errors and omissions insurance, protects a business against malpractice, errors, and negligence in the provision of services.
  • Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for losses associated with the use of company vehicles.
  • Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for you and your employees in the event of job-related accidents.
  • Group health insurance is usually offered as part of the employee benefit package, and covers many costs associated with medical treatments.
  • “Key Man” Insurance provides life insurance coverage for the key person, or persons, within a business without whom the business would falter. In the event of the death of the key man, the business would receive an insurance benefit to help mitigate the loss of that key person in order to help the company to survive.
For a closer look into the different types of Denver business insurance products available, visit the United States Small Business Administration’s page on types of business Insurance, or consult with one of DCInsurers - Mountain experienced independent commercial insurance agents today.

Why is Business Insurance so important?

On top of providing protection against the costly expenses for the many risk factors associated with owning a business, Denver business insurance can protect the business from incidents, such as lawsuits, that might otherwise deplete its funds or destroy its reputation. Further, many employee-related insurance policies are now considered mandatory, such as workers’ compensation insurance, a policy intended to protect workers, their families, and even their employers from loss related injury. According to US Statistics, in 2012 alone, 2,976,400 cases of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses were recorded. On top of that figure, 4,383 cases of fatal occupational injuries were recorded in 2012. With the risk of losses so statistically high, the coverage offered by business insurance policies like Denver workers’ compensation insurance is essential protection for the business owner, employees, and the business itself.

How can DCInsurers - Mountain help?

DCInsurers - Mountain is the solution for your business insurance needs. Our network of independent insurance agents understands the intricacies involved in finding the right business/commercial insurance policy for your unique needs. For more information, call us at (303) 420-4774, or fill out our online quote form today.