Denver Bond Insurance

Denver Bond Insurance

If you are looking for Denver Bond Insurance, DCInsurers - Mountain has the solutions. A Surety Bond is a written promise that an insurance company will protect your assets and back up the promises made by someone else.

Mountain Insurance Brokers provides many different kinds of bonds to fit your individual business needs, including:

Commercial Bonds- Commercial bonds are used for many different purposes. The most common types of Denver Bond Insurance products are listed below:
  • Fidelity Bonds -A bond guaranteeing the employers assets in the event an employee should cause loss or a claim through a negligent or dishonest act.
  • Auto Dealer Bonds - The Motor Vehicle Dealers bond is also known as a Used Car Dealer Bond, Auto Dealer Bond, or DMV Bond.
  • Contractor License Bonds - A Surety Bond guaranteeing that the contractor will adhere to all state statutes and licenses.
  • License Bonds – A License Bond guarantees that a person or organization will comply with all required state statutes and licenses.
  • Tax Bonds - A Tax Bond guarantees that a business will pay sales tax to the government.

Contract Bonds

Contract Bonds are usually required in construction agreements and include:
  • Bid Bonds - A Bid Bond is used as security for bids submitted on a contract. This guarantees the bidder will actually meet the pricing set forth in his bid.
  • Performance Bonds – This guarantees that the contractor/bidder will complete the project as promised.
  • Subdivision Bonds - Subdivision Bonds guarantee that the contractor will guarantee all improvements made to local governmental standards and/or requirements.
  • Payment Bonds - This requires or guarantees that the contractor will pay all subcontractors for materials and labor.

Commercial Bonds

Many of these Commercial bonds can be combined into one single Denver Bond Insurance program. DCInsurers - Mountain also provides other Denver Bond Insurance products including:
  • Fiduciary Bonds – Usually required for an executor of an estate or employee benefit plan administrator. This bond guarantees the individual or firm will act in a legal manor regarding handling of money, funds, and assets of an employee benefit plan or estate.
  • Court Bond – This bond guarantees the fiduciary will perform his or her duties as required by a court.
  • Public Official Bonds – Individuals who are involved in serving the public often are required to have specific kinds of bonds including Notary Bonds, County/City/School Treasurer Bonds, and Public Official Bonds for elected officials.
DCInsurers - Mountain has the experience you are looking for to help you manage your Denver Bond Insurance needs, contact us today.

The Benefits of Working with DCInsurers - Mountain?

We work with several major insurance companies so we can deliver the optimal rate based on your classification, credit report, and business profile. Your company’s success depends on your ability to do the job well while balancing income, expenses, or any unfortunate event like a claim or loss that can greatly cost your firm.
  • We know and understand your industry.
  • We are a full service local independent insurance agency.
  • We have access to many insurance companies, not just one.

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