Colorado Watercraft Insurance

Colorado Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft Insurance[/caption]There are over 12 million boats registered in the United States according to a 2009 report by the Coast Guard. On top of that, over $30 billion was spent acquiring boats or boat related services that same year.

You can’t argue that is some serious investment capital for recreational resources, some of which are only seasonal, especially in places like Denver.

In a landlocked state like Colorado, many living in Denver may not see the value in obtaining watercraft insurance. Why would you? You maybe take your boat out a few times a year and store it the rest of the time, or its docked at your vacation home on the coast, so what’s the big deal?

The fact of the matter is that you have invested a lot of money in your boat(s) and/or other water vehicles (Ski-Doo, Jet Ski) and it’s prudent to protect that financial investment from the unknown.
Watercraft insurance not only protects you if an accident happens while you’re driving your craft, but also when you’re not. Living in Denver may invoke an ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ situation if you have a boat docked somewhere else, but what if there is a marina fire? What if someone accidentally damages your boat while it’s docked? What if there is a natural disaster? There are literally dozens of reasons to have watercraft insurance in place – even if you live in Denver. If you own a boat, insure it.

For those who seldom hit the open water but own a boat they use for rental purposes, insurance is very important. Getting watercraft insurance protects you as the owner, and those who may rent out your craft. Accidents are accidents for a reason, and regardless of how much experience a driver may have, circumstances on the water can be unpredictable at best.

According to some recreational boating statistics submitted by the US Coast Guard in 2010, over 4,700 boating accidents were recorded, resulting in 736 deaths and 3,358 injuries. Monetarily that added up to $36 million dollars in property damage. Over three quarters of all accidents involved people unlicensed to drive a boat and untrained in boating safety. If statistics and facts are needed to win you over, then these numbers certainly speak to the value of a Denver boat owners getting watercraft insurance.

Boating and pleasure craft sports and leisure activities (including fishing) are a huge industry in America, but like driving a car, you need to be fiscally responsible for the potential danger inherent in owning a boat or other watercraft.

Boating laws and restrictions are growing stricter year after year, with more marinas requiring proof of insurance and heavier fines being issued for those operating a boat without a proper license of proof of insurance. Protect yourself and everyone else on the water by getting watercraft insurance.

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